What do you want to do? Support your company’s IT infrastructure? Replace your aging server or phone system with a cloud-based alternative? Or Skype with your grandkids? We can meet just about all of your IT support needs no matter how esoteric or mundane:

  • Managed IT Services (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance)
  • Network and Server Support and Security
  • Backup Systems
  • Cloud-based PBX / VoIP Phone Services
  • Cloud-based Exchange, Security and File Storage Services
  • Database Consulting and Programming
  • Training
  • Laptop and Mobile Device Repair
  • Home Audio and Home Automation Setup

  • Managed IT Services (Remote Monitoring and Maintenance)
    All of the services listed below would be meaningless without the ability to keep you up and running far into the future. For small businesses and sole proprietors (as well as residential clients with critical uptime needs), we recommend one of our managed IT service plans.

    We will provide you with a choice of plans customized to meet your company’s needs and budget. You pay an affordable monthly fee to have the critical components of your IT infrastructure monitored and consistently maintained. Based on your needs, this may include backups, security software, updates and patches, server maintenance, network monitoring, and even end-user support.

    A managed IT service plan saves you money because it dramatically reduces the likelihood of an unexpected system failure bringing your business to a halt. Your systems will also be more reliable, resulting in greater productivity and less user frustration. And unlike most other IT companies, our managed service plans do not require an annual contract. Our goal is to keep you a happy client, not a prisoner.

    Network and Server Support and Security
    We offer support for Windows Server and Windows Server Essentials. We’ll make sure your server is monitored and patched properly and that your business’s critical data is safely backed up. We can also support your transition to cloud services for your email and file storage needs including Microsoft Exchange and in the cloud and file storage and sharing in the cloud.

    We take a multi-layered approach to protect you from malware, hacking and ransomware at the workstation, server, and network levels.

    Backup Systems
    Your data is your company’s most valuable and irreplaceable asset. We offer several backup choices including some regulatory-compliant options (HIPAA, FINRA, etc.). We’ll work with you to implement the backup strategy that best meets your needs and budget.

    Hosted PBX / VoIP Phone Services
    Get your phone bill under control. New York Geek Girls offers a cloud-based phone system that requires no in-house server. It’s feature-rich with a powerful auto attendant, free fax lines and a conference call number included, and there is no long-term contract. Learn more.

    Hosted Exchange, Security and File Storage Services We set up, support and maintain hosted IT services for your small business, including Exchange, file storage and sharing, and centrally managed anti-virus. Using the power of the “cloud”, small business owners can have an enterprise-class infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. If you are already hosting these services on-site, we can migrate some or all of these functions to the cloud, saving you hardware and maintenance costs.

    Database Consulting and Programming
    If you have data to track such as sales performance, memberships, shipments, or orders, we can develop a custom database, or convert your existing database to MS Access.

    We provide expert training and support in advanced MS Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook, as well as all versions of the Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

    Laptop and Mobile Device Repair
    From cracked screens to motherboard issues, we can quickly and cost-effectively fix your phone, tablet or laptop. And while most notebook “repair” centers will routinely replace your entire motherboard, we have the expertise to do board-level repairs when appropriate, saving you the cost of a new motherboard. We repair iPhones and iPads, Androids, and both PC and Mac laptops.