Computer Services For Residential Users

Individuals and families have special computer needs. They face some of the same computer issues as business users, but don’t have an “IT budget”. Whether you are a single user worried about getting “hacked” or a family wishing to easily share files with each other, New York Geek Girls can help. We offer economical and effective options for backing up your data, protecting your network, and avoiding viruses and spyware. We also offer in-home PC and Mac repair, upgrade and troubleshooting services.

We understand the frustration and confusion of home computer users. You do have an alternative to big box stores with vague offers to “tune up” your computer. We offer personalized, in-home service. Too often, the issues computer users face are unique to the environment you’re working in. We come to you. So when our tech leaves, you know your Macs, PCs, network, internet connection and printers are all working together the way you need for them to in your workspace.

If your computer needs more than a bit of maintenance, we’ll give you straight-forward advice about whether it makes sense to repair it or replace it and whether we can do the repair more efficiently off-site.

Large companies have the advantage of a big IT budget and in-house IT support. You have New York Geek Girls Computer Services.